Crowns, or caps are milled using 3D CAD technology or created at a lab. If the tooth has been damaged, has extensive decay or has had a root canal it is likely you will need a crown. The dentist prepares the existing tooth by removing the decay or damage and then reshaping it and reducing the size. Once the tooth is prepared an impression of the tooth is created. The impression can be either done with a plastic type material which is put into a tray or it can be done with a 3D camera – digitally. If it is done with the impression material a plaster cast is made from the impression and sent to the lab, the lab uses the cast to create a crown/cap that fits over the existing tooth. This can take two or more visits to the dentist and several weeks to complete. If it the impression is done digitally the crown/cap can be designed and milled in the office while the patient waits. This high tech approach uses high grade composite blocks to fabricate the crown. The end result of either method is a crown that looks and feels exactly like your original tooth!
Here at Dynamic Dental we have a CEREC 3D CAD system. We can create a crown and permanently place it over your tooth in just one visit without the hassle of impression material in your mouth and sending the cast to the lab. Crowns/caps add strength to the damaged tooth and provide a solid biting surface. Saving teeth with crowns is vitally important. Without a crown the tooth would breakdown and need to be extracted. If it is not replaced with an implant (which requires a crown on it) bone loss and shifting of the other teeth can occur.