General Dentistry

Teeth Cleaning

Having your teeth cleaned is a very important part of your oral and overall health. Teeth cleaning removes plaque and tarter buildup in both the seen and unseen surfaces of your teeth. Regular cleanings help prevent cavities. The ADA and Dynamic Dental recommend a cleaning once every 6 months. After the cleaning the dentist will examine your teeth for any potential issues or current problems.
During a routine teeth cleaning visit it is not unusual to have xrays taken.  The dentist is able to diagnose any potential or current problems with your teeth and jaw by reviewing the xrays.  Your soft tissue - gums- will also be checked.  By measuring the pockets around your teeth the hygienist can determine if there are any problems.   Be sure to schedule teeth cleanings every 6 months.  Often times small problems can become much bigger and more costly if they are not noticed early on.   Having an exam, xrays and a teeth cleaning at regular intervals is the best way to prevent big problems.  Teeth cleanings are typically covered by insurance and there would be no out of pocket expense for you.